Film Studies Peter Pan Essay

Peter Pan was produced in the early 20th century and is based on music and lyrics. Although the play was performed for the first time in 1904, the musical component of the production was acted on stage in 1954, particularly in New York. After the musical performance on stage, there was a series of other performances in the US, which were estimated to be about 152.


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From the movie, it is important to state that I do not like the decision adopted by Mrs. Darling, who believes that a dog can take care of her children. In most cases, viewers can see that Nana, the dog, bathes the kids and gives them food. In other words, Nana is being personified to play the roles of human beings.

In ordinary situations, parents cannot trust animals to take care of their children. Animals are feared because they may harm people. It is interesting to note that when Nana is off in one night, Mrs. Darling sleeps with her children, but some movements from the window disturb her. She finds out that it is a strange boy. She screams, and he runs away, leaving a shadow behind. Mrs. Darling keeps the shadow in a drawer, and she hopes that he would come back in the future.

On the other hand, I like the decision adopted by Mr. Darling, who thinks that a dog cannot be trusted to bathe and take care of their kids. He appears not to believe that a strange boy, who entered their house through the window, left behind a shadow. The impression in the film is that parents should be keen on parenting matters so that they would raise their children in a safe and healthy manner. Due to poor parenting, the production shows that some boys get lost in the wilderness and are being mistreated by pirates.

The play is typified by a clear sense of style, i.e., realism. It has utilized the style to demonstrate characters that, although not human beings, act in similar ways to people in the real world. Many rhetorical analysts of movies state that the communication style satisfies stage is essay typer safe conventions in a way that viewers perceive happenings to be real.

Like other people that I have interacted with after watching the film, I do not believe that the happenings on the stage are real. I cannot believe that a human being can have extraordinary powers, such as those portrayed by Peter.

When I was watching the view, I noticed four characters with unique acting skills. Peter, the main character in the movie, is a very intelligent person who convinces Wendy and her sibling to head to Neverland so that they can attain better lives there. Along the way, he uses his high levels of intelligence to save the kids from pirates since they are keen on escaping with them.


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Mrs. Darling is a strong believer in the fact that animals can be used to take care of children. Nana, the dog, demonstrates extraordinary abilities, which are applied to bathe the children and take care of them. Finally, Mr. Darling does not subscribe to the idea that a dog should take care of their kids.

All three parts of the film give insights regarding real-life situations. People are taught about calamities that can be encountered in life. Music is used to make some situations appeal to the audience, although they are exemplified by much suffering. The film can be recommended to people who would be interested in acquiring survival skills in life.

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